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About us

The words we have taken for our creed are printed in the renowned extract from the Meditations of John Donne (1573-1631)  "No man is an island entire of itself; each man is a piece of the continent, a part of the maine. Any man's death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee"

Our aims and objectives
To provide an opportunity for persons of all walks of life to meet one another at least once a month, to play golf and make new and cement old friendships. 
To encourage, promote, foster and support the game of golf.
To generate funds for distribution to charitable causes and assist those persons, regardless of race, colour or creed, in a less fortunate position than ourselves.


Captain 2018 - Manni Ribeiro


WHO is the Nomads Golf sunshine coast

The History of the Nomads Golf Club

The Nomads Golf Club started back in 1960 with a small core of businessmen enjoying each other's company on a golf course. The South African Nomads as an organisation has donated to various charitable organisations over the more than 50 years of its existence. Nomads has a membership of over 3000 members belonging to 12 clubs in South Africa, 3 clubs in Zimbabwe, 1 club in Botswana, 1 club in New Zealand, 5 clubs in Australia, 1 club in England and 1 club in Swaziland.
Nomads has an excellent reputation in the South African golfing community as being a superbly organised and very efficient club.

The local clubs enjoy hosting the Nomads because of their dicipline, dress code and the manner in which members conduct themselves both on and off the course.
Nomads members throughout the country also assist with the on course marshalling and score control at all South African PGA Golf tour events.
The South African Nomads Golf Club is run by a national executive committee selected on an annual basis by the various Nomad Club committees around the country. The committee system is run on continuity and is run in a very professional business-lke manner.

The birth of the club in Australia 

The Nomads Golf Club of Australia was inaugurated in November 2003 in Sydney led by Wayne Richardson, a former Southern Natal Nomad Captain. Enthusiasm for the club grew very quickly and a further club was established in Sydney in June 2005 with the two clubs becoming known as Sydney North and Sydney Hills respectively.

Regretably the initial burst of enthusiasm displayed by the Sydney Hills Club was not sustained and its members were reincorporated into the Sydney North Club in December 2006.

A former Gauteng Nomad, Paul McIlroy saw an opportunity to form a Nomad club in Brisbane while playing with a social group called the Springaroos. With the permission of the members and after a trial period of five months, the club was converted to the now Nomads Golf Club Brisbane on 27th July 2008, with 46 founder members.

In 2011 the growth of the Nomads club in Sydney once again saw fit to establish a second club in the area and the Sydney South Club was inaugurated under the captaincy of Tony Gooding and a small group of members from the Sydney North Club. The club is growing strongly as was well represented at the third Australian National Tournament in October 2011.

In October 2014 the Nomads club on the Sunshine Coast was formerly inaugurated with 58 founder members.

The club membership is made up of members from all nationalities and walks of life, reflecting both the multicultural nature of our community and the core values of the Nomads organisation as a whole.

The National President Nomads Australia along with several other members travel to South Africa to participate in their National Tournament each year. This is a great experience being part of the largest amateur golf tournament in the world and a wonderful week of fun and camaraderie meeting other members from all other nomad clubs around the world.

The possibilities for future development within Australia are endless and whilst assistance is readily given to those wanting to form a Nomads Golf Club, the over-riding consideration is that, allowing for modifications which are necessitated by local circumstances, the fundamental Principles of the Nomads Constitution are upheld - "furtherance of golf, support of those less fortunate than ourselves and fellowship".

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